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The City of Cochran is a uniquely progressive rural community built upon efficient and effective service delivery with an organizational culture that strives to embrace change and diversity. The City also strives to ensure a high level of innovation and sustainable development while maintaining and enhancing a quality educational system, with the ultimate goal of providing a safe and secure environment to live, raise families, work, conduct business, and play.

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Effective immediately, customers can make payments inside City Hall using VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.


 The Cochran-Bleckley Recreation Department is advertising for a Part-time Grounds Maintenance Worker.  For informtion regarding this position, please click on "Read More".


 City Fire Services and L.O.S.T.

Regarding the fire service funding issue, the City of Cochran is aware of the County’s recent assertion that the 2013 L.O.S.T. sales tax agreement is the City’s rationale for seeking a more equitable payment schedule for City/County fire services. In fact, the City has never mentioned the 2013 L.O.S.T. sales tax agreement as a motive for seeking a more equitable payment schedule for City/County fire services.


The City is seeking a more equitable fire service payment schedule because the City pays $458,100 per year for City/County fire services and the County pays $125,000. The City pays 79% ($458,100) and the County pays 21% ($125,000). Much of the County’s 21% ($125,000) is paid by City taxpayers because they are also County taxpayers.


However, over 60% of fire calls are in the unincorporated County. Over 60% of County residents (7,967) reside in the unincorporated County, while less than 40% (4,804) of County residents are in the incorporated City. The City has less than 40% of the fire calls but is paying 79% of the County-wide fire services bill. These are the reasons the City is seeking a more equitable payment schedule for fire services.


Since last September, the City has repeatedly sought the County’s assistance in developing a productive understanding of equitably paying for County-wide fire services. In January, due to the County’s failure to come to a meaningful agreement on implementing a more equitable fire service payment schedule, the City stated that the County’s lack of cooperation would result in the City’s cessation of regular fire services beyond the City limits after June 30, 2016.


Again, the 2013 L.O.S.T. sales tax agreement has never been part of the City’s concerns with developing a more equitable fire service payment schedule. The City views the L.O.S.T. agreement as an issue separate from the current discussion on equitable funding of fire services. Since the County has raised the L.O.S.T. agreement as a concern, the County is welcome to include L.O.S.T. funding as part of their negotiated settlement with the City. The City of Cochran looks forward to working with the County to resolve our differences regarding equitable funding of fire services.


 The City of Cochran is requesting community input on its Proposed 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. The Plan will be used by the City to guide its activities over the next two years.  Individuals wishing to make comments or express concerns, should contact their local council person, mayor, or city manager. To view the Proposed Strategic Plan, please click on "Proposed 2016-2018 City of Cochran Strategic Plan."


 Cochran receives over $57,000 for local improvements

Local road projects in the City of Cochran received a jump start for 2016 courtesy of the Georgia Department of Transportation. City officials recently accepted $57,285.13 from Georgia DOT’s Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) program. As many as 700 counties and cities across the state typically apply for LMIG monies. The Department is disbursing over $120 million in FY 2016 funds based on the population and miles of local streets and roads in various jurisdictions. Georgia DOT provides the entire grant amount to the local governments as soon as applications are approved. Cochran Mayor Dr. W. Michael Stoy said Thursday the local government depends on LMIG money every year to help resurface city streets. “LMIG is the lifeblood of how we can actually address some of our infrastructure problems. Our citizens appreciate the road improvements, but it also helps us attract businesses and industries,” Stoy said. “If we have good roads, we have a better chance.”


State Transportation Board member Tim Golden, who represents the 8th Congressional District, said Georgia DOT’s partnership with local cities and counties through the LMIG program leaves a lasting impact. Golden also mentioned the expected 33 percent increase equaling $41 million of additional LMIG support from the Transportation Investment Act (TFA) or HB 170. “I’d like to thank all the legislators in the area for their support of HB 170 last year. That’s allowing GDOT to do so many wonderful things for our rural roads and communities, helping move people and products safely and efficiently,” Golden said. “The TFA will have a tremendous impact on infrastructure investment for the state as a whole.”


Bigger and better things are on the way for state transportation, State Rep. Bubber Epps (R-Dry Branch) said Thursday. “I think HB 170 is really the hallmark of recent legislation. It’s due primarily to the voters of this state that allowed us the opportunity to find a permanent funding mechanism to solve issues for local communities,” Epps said. “As we go through the phases of construction and maintenance projects, you’ll see that every area of this state is going to be addressed.”


 To view the report regarding the "Adjustment of Funding Inequities Between the City of Cochran and Bleckley County" that was discussed and appoved by the Mayor and City Council at the Regular City Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, please click on "Read More."  For additional information regarding the documents used to prepare this report, please click on the appropriate attachment: House Bill 489, September 23, 2015 Letter to County to negotiate Service Delivery Strategy, January 5, 2016 Letter to County to negotiate Service Delivery Strategy, Service Delivery Strategy, September 29, 2014 Letter of Intent to revise or terminate "Communications and Fire Protection Agreement", List of Fire Department Equipment onwed by City and County, February 10, 2016 Letter to County confirming termination of County Fire Service, and the April 1, 2016 Letter to County regarding fire service termination.


 At the request of citizens, the City Council formed a Task Force to investigate the feasibility of establishing a City Park.  A summary of the work of the Task Force to-date can be viewed by clicking on "Read More".



Bulk waste pick-up will be on the second Saturday of each month with the first pick-up on Saturday, March 12th.  No more than three household items, such as furniture, will be picked up.  Bulk waste is limited to 75 pounds per household. Residents should not place their bulk waste at the curb until the morning of the second Saturday of each month, to prevent the bulk waste from becoming a nuisance.


Questions regarding new trash carts, limb pick-up, or bulk waste pick-up should be directed to City Hall at (478) 934-6346.